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Hammond Louisiana General Contractors.

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Hammond Louisiana General Contractors
Hammond Louisiana General Contractors

Enjoy Premium Service Delivery on Every Project

Meet the General Contractor Par Excellence in Hammond Louisiana!

As a team, we excel in all areas of general contracts and have advanced skills in demolition, renovation and remodeling, cabinet making, residential and commercial painting, flooring, and more.
It is safe to say we have successfully mastered the full line of general contractor services.

We have gained unparalleled mastery of all our service offers and have perfected the art of client satisfaction backed by skillful project implementations.

Get the best hands to implement your projects.

What We Offer

Our Services

Our general contractor services include demolition, renovation and remodeling, carpentry, residential and commercial painting, flooring, and more.
General contractors Slidell Louisiana

Demolition Contractor

Need a demolition contractor that understands the terrain? LGC is your best shot. With a team that is big on safety, our demolition service is never carried out without a site inspection. We are given to the highest quality management standards and for this, ensure the extraction of harmful substances within the site for demolition.

General contractors Slidell Louisiana

Insulation Contractor

When it comes to Insulation Installation and repairs, it is important that the right materials are used and this is the core of our Insulation Installations. We ensure that the best materials are deployed by the best hands in the industry to ensure properly installed and insulated spaces for our clients.

General contractors Slidell Louisiana

Drywall Contractor

Met a more skilled drywall contractor in Hammond? We don’t think so! Our drywall installations are done to perfect finishing. We pay close attention to execution and ensure that the flattest surface is achieved with every installation. With every installation, we ensure to seal gaps and cracks where visible to guarantee the best results for our clients.

Hammond Louisiana General Contractors


Whether your need is residential or commercial, we have a team to bring your space to life. At LGC, our painting service is preceded by color consultation with our clients and this is to ensure that only the best results are achieved on all painting projects. Don’t do yourself the disservice of a bad painting job, use LGC Painters for perfect coats and flawless finishes.

General contractors Slidell Louisiana

Fire Protection Service

At LGC, our fire protection service ensures that lives and properties are safe from fire mishaps. Our offers include sales and service of extinguishers, sprinklers, exit lighting, and fire escape. Let’s give you the coverage you need against fire outbreaks.

General contractors Slidell Louisiana

Fire Protection Consultant

Consult us for expert fire protection solutions. At LGC, we consult for individual and commercial properties willing to explore the best preventive methods for fire outbreaks. This service is preceded by a site inspection detailing the most appropriate fire protection devices.

Hammond Louisiana General Contractors

Floor Contractor

You can rely on us at LGC for top-quality flooring on all spaces. Our flooring team ensures the use of the finest materials to carry out the neatest flooring jobs for vinyl, tile, terrazzo, and hardwood flooring. Trust us to give your flooring the perfect outcome.

Hammond Louisiana General Contractors

Cabinet Maker

At LGC, our team has the skill required to bring your ideas to life. Get the best walk-in closets, reach-in closets, bars, office furniture, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and more when you work with us. With a dedicated team that gives all to create unique, flawless, and timeless pieces for your spaces, we make bold to say, our cabinet contractor service is the best ever.

Hammond Louisiana General Contractors

Fire Damage Restoration Service

Our fire damage restoration service is aimed at bringing joy back to property owners. This is why we go out of our way to give the best improvements to properties damaged by fire outbreaks. Our offers include smoke elimination, repairs, renovations, and more. All these we do to bring your smile back.

Why LGC Contractors?


At LGC, we do not aim to get our clients overly excited about project outcomes rather we focus on the best delivery such that at completion their expectations are surpassed.


This is a thing of pride for u as a team. At LGC, we ensure to complete our projects within the stipulated time to avoid the feeling of disappointment on the part of our clients. If this is however not possible, we ensure adequate communication to clients beforehand.


Every project comes with its share of technicalities and challenges. However, as a team, we have over time worked these challenges out such that client expectations are not just met but exceeded.

General Contractors FAQs

It is advisable to do this at the very beginning so that the technical angles of the project execution is dealt with in good time.
The first step would be to contact the contractor after which an estimate can be taken. The duration of this is usually dependent on the nature of the project.
From industry knowledge, 30 days after which your project may need a re-evaluation.
We handle a wide range of contracts including demolition, drywall installation, and repair, painting, fire protection service, and so on- all perfectly as well.

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